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Kim Goldman: ‘The people behind O.J. Simpson series should have contacted us’

The sister of the man O.J. Simpson was accused of murdering has attacked director Ryan Murphy for not reaching out to her family before airing new U.S. TV drama The People Vs. O.J. Simpson.
Kim Goldman insists the man behind the dramatisation of the 1995 Simpson murder trial should have had the courtesy to sit down with her before turning her life “upside down” again.
In fact, Murphy urged the members of his cast not to speak to their real-life counterparts before filming, and only David Schwimmer had any interaction with someone caught up in the trial – his character Robert Kardashian’s former wife Kris Jenner.
“I just sort of feel like, ‘How do you take one of the most famous cases of all time and not extend any courtesy to anybody involved, with the exception of Kris Jenner,” Kim Goldman told Access Hollywood. “That just feels funky to me.
“They’re not obligated to consult with us; it just would have been courteous to extend an olive branch to the people who they’re depicting, whose lives they’re turning upside down again… for entertainment and financial gain.”
Had Murphy contacted Kim, she would have urged him to show the grisly nature of her brother’s murder, alongside Simpson’s wife Nicole, insisting the footage would have shocked TV viewers.
“I wish that even for 45 seconds they would have shown what Ron and Nicole went through that night, so that they could set the stage for the rest of the series,” she said.
“I’m OK with people knowing how savagely killed Ron and Nicole were (sic). I think people need to see and understand how violent their deaths were in order to understand how gross of an injustice it was at the end of all of it.”
O.J. was acquitted of the murder of his wife and her friend Ron.

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