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Kim Kardashian apologises for Israel/Palestine tweets

The reality TV star offended many of her followers by trying to play online peace envoy on Friday (16Nov12) as tensions in the Middle East reached boiling point after Palestinian militants fired a rocket on Jerusalem.

Her first tweet read, “Praying for everyone in Israel,” and she followed that with, “Praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world!”

She later deleted both tweets and issued an apology, writing, “I want to own up to and explain that earlier today I sent out two tweets about saying prayers for the people in Palestine and Israel and after hearing from my followers, I decided to take down the tweets because I realized that some people were offended and hurt by what I said, and for that I apologize.

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“I should have pointed out my intentions behind these tweets when I posted them. The fact is that regardless of religion and political beliefs, there are countless innocent people involved who didn’t choose this, and I pray for all of them and also for a resolution. I also pray for all the other people around the world who are caught in similar crossfires.”

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