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Klass shows support for ‘good guy’ Fry

The gay actor came under fire last week (01Nov10) for comments made to Britain’s Attitude magazine, in which he reportedly claimed that heterosexual women only have intercourse so they can have a relationship with a man – and they only enjoy it when they get paid.

The intellectual funnyman insisted he was misquoted after giving a “humorous” interview, declaring in a series of posts on his Twitter.com page: “Much as you may wish to think me a compound of the most misogynistic, ignorant, sexist and antediluvian pig who ever trod the planet, I can truly report that I know and love enough women to be quite assured of the fact that women do indeed enjoy sex. I was simply taking a thought for a walk.”

And Klass is adamant Fry doesn’t deserve the unfair backlash.

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She tells Britain’s Daily Express, “Can we all just lay off the poor guy? He’s one of the nicest men in the world. I wish people would realise who is good and who is not good out there. He is one of the good guys. He’s on our side, ladies. It’s about time one of the girls stood up and said, ‘Leave off one of our guys.’

“I’ll always stand up for him and I do have a crazy crush on him from a geek’s perspective. He’s an articulate, humble man and something’s been said in an ironic sense and shame on anyone who has taken it out of context.”

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