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Knoxville still recovering from crotch injury

Knoxville was filming a tribute to stunt legend Evel Knievel when he tried to ride a motorcycle up a dirt hill. He lost control of the bike, which shot up in the air and landed on his crotch, tearing his urethra.

He’s was bedridden for weeks, and has relied on a permanent catheter which empties his bladder ever since.

Now, three years later, he’s still forced to carry a portable tube, which he inserts into his urethra daily to prevent scar tissue from forming.

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He says, “I still have to catheter twice a day and it’s been three years.

“I don’t know how much longer I’m going to have to do it, it’s a tube about 15 inches (38.1 centimetres) long and the size of a number two pencil. It’s to keep the scar tissue from constricting down there. It’s not a lot of fun but I think one day I can stop.”

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