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Kristen Stewart: ‘Playing Jean Seberg has made me more impulsive’

Kristen Stewart has been inspired to be more impulsive and more outspoken after playing activist actress Jean Seberg in a new biopic.
Seberg sees the Twilight actress plays the Breathless star, who was targeted by U.S. government officials due to her support for the militant civil rights organisation, the Black Panther Party, in the 1960s.
Kristen was attracted to the project due to Seberg’s lack of concern about what others thought, and she now wants to emulate her by “reprogramming” herself to be more outspoken.
“The script was really radical to me,” Stewart told Deadline.com. “It just felt like she was so progressive. There was never a point where I feared that she would be judged for being impulsive, and being overtly sexual and kind of voracious. Most women, for some reason – and I do this too, and it’s awful – I think that we’re all kind of conditioned to have these reactions to things, and we’re hopefully reprogramming. I think she was a huge proponent of that.”
Seberg was targeted by a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operation that sought to harass and discredit her, due to her gifts to the Black Panthers. Agents spread a false rumour she was pregnant with the child of leading Black Panther Raymond Hewitt, causing her to hold an open casket funeral when she lost the child to prove her husband Romain Gary was the father.
Stewart added she’s thankful her generation don’t have to worry about similar abuses by government – but believes it’s essential to be vigilant as current U.S. President Donald Trump is a “racist”.
“I’ve been lucky because I’ve never functioned in a way that was afraid,” she explained. “I’m kind of piggybacking on this generation that doesn’t understand that, and it’s just not an issue for them.”
Denouncing Trump, she sighed “It’s so bad right now. Our president’s the most racist human being.”

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