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Kristen Stewart praises ‘baller’ Jodie Foster at Walk of Fame ceremony

Kristen Stewart hailed her movie mother Jodie Foster as a “baller on every level” as she was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The former child star-turned-Oscar winner was saluted with her own pavement plaque in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on Wednesday (04May16), and her Panic Room co-star Kristen was on hand to fete the Hollywood veteran.
Recalling their work on the 2002 thriller, when Kristen was just 10 years old, the Twilight star admitted Jodie had become her “first adult friend” – and it was a dream come true to work alongside her acting idol.
“I watched Taxi Driver when I was far too young to watch it,” Kristen admitted. “And I was already saying Jodie Foster was my favourite actress before I was cast as her daughter.”
“Technically she was cast as my mum,” she quipped. “She came onto the movie late and I was there to show her the ropes.”
Kristen continued, “There’s nothing self-serving about her. She cares about people. She’s quite the opposite of the type of person that is gravitated towards being an actress.”
And it’s not just Jodie’s onscreen talents which have continued to impress.
“I was drawn to her before I met her, and trust me, she’s way cooler than me,” the 26-year-old laughed, as she noted Jodie was “a baller on every level”.
Kristen continued, “She did everything young. She kicked Yale (University)’s a**. She won Oscars. She became a filmmaker herself.”
And she concluded her praise by insisting the Hollywood honour was long overdue: “She should have had a star on the Walk of Fame when she was 10.”
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce officials had actually chosen to celebrate Jodie’s career years ago.
Announcing the ceremony in late April (16), Walk of Fame producer Ana Martinez told WENN, “We have been waiting for a long time for Jodie Foster to set a date for her star and are thrilled that the time has come. She is a great role model for women and we are proud to add her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

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