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Krysten Ritter given wolf urine by James Van Der Beek

The pair appear alongside each other in Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, and Ritter explains the odd offering from her pal was in a bid to solve her problem of coyotes straying into her back yard.

Concerned about the safety of her small dog, Ritter was thrilled when her pal presented her with the urine as the scent keeps the pesky prairie wolves at bay.

She tells U.S. talk show host Anderson Cooper, “He gave me a really sick and perverted – but amazing – gift. It’s a jar of wolf urine.

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“I have a little dog, and where I live, I live in L.A. now, there are a lot of coyotes. Somehow, James knew that if you sprinkle wolf urine outside of your house, it keeps the coyotes away. So he gave me this amazing gift. But I don’t travel with it.”

Asked how her co-star had collected the fluid, she replied, “I have no idea” before presenting Cooper with the empty urine jar, advising him, “Don’t smell it!”

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