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Kylie Minogue opposes Kylie Jenner’s name trademark

Australian pop superstar Kylie Minogue has taken issue with Kylie Jenner’s trademark application.
The U.S. reality star filed paperwork with officials at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last year (15) to register her first name for various business purposes, but earlier this month (Feb16), bosses at a company representing Minogue voiced their opposition.
They explained that if “Kylie is trademarked that will bring on confusion for both the celebrities and their brands.”
Minogue, 47, reportedly owns various trademarks of her name for education and entertainment ventures and is concerned Jenner could tarnish her brand, according to worldipreview.com.
In the filing, lodged on 22 February (16), Minogue’s legal representative refers to Kim Kardashian’s younger sister as a “secondary reality television personality” and also raises concerns about Kylie’s social media activity.
“Ms. Jenner is active on social media where her photographic exhibitionism and controversial posts have drawn criticism from Disability Rights and African-American communities,” the attorney writes.
In December (15), the 18-year-old hit headlines after posing in a wheelchair for an Interview magazine shoot, while she has also previously been attacked for her use of the ‘N’ word.
Jenner has yet to respond to Minogue’s legal challenge.

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