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Lake Bell gets children’s names tattooed on her shoulders

Lake Bell has had her children’s names tattooed on her shoulders.
The Home Again actress has been married to celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell since 2013, but until now hasn’t allowed him to ink her with body art.
Taking to Instagram on Wednesday (15Nov17), Scott uploaded a photo of Lake’s decolletage, and two geometric inkings on her shoulders.
“After six years on the waiting list… finally sat down with my favorite client ever… @lakebell,” he captioned the snap.
Lake’s triangular tattoos incorporate the names of her two children, three-year-old daughter Nova and baby son Ozzi, which is short for Ozgood, who she welcomed in May.
Though Lake may have taken her time to choose her design, she was certainly in good hands with Scott, who operated at Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and counts Marc Jacobs, Orlando Bloom and Josh Harnett as clients.
He also works as an artist and has garnered acclaim for his intricately carved sculptures made out of U.S. currency, and graphite drawings done on the insides of eggshells.
And while Lake has just taken the plunge with her own body art, she previously revealed that she has tattooed Scott on more than one occasion. During an interview on the Rachael Ray Show in September, the 38-year-old shared that she inks her beau with a special word whenever she wishes for something big – even though she has no clue how to tattoo.
“So, the thing is, we have this way of praying, in a way,” the star explained. “Which is to send positive energy or juju out there, when we really, really want something – and we only use it when it’s really important – he’s like, ‘Tattoo it on me.’
“He always jokes that his body is like the bathroom wall at (New York music club) CBGBs. He doesn’t, like, delicately think about every tattoo.”

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