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Lance Bass: ‘I want my own cooking show’

Former *NSYNC star Lance Bass is keen to take his obsession with healthy Southern food to the next level and host his own TV cooking show.
He is starting with a new partnership with bosses at meal delivery service Chef’d, which will offer fans and foodies alike five of his favourite recipes.
“I think there’s a big void in Southern food right now,” he tells People.com. “Since that is my speciality, I thought it’d be great to bring out some of my favorite meals that I learned from my grandmother and my mom and change the recipes slightly to be healthier.”
And he’s aiming even higher, with a plan to add to his two current U.S. TV shows – VH1’s ’90s House and Finding Prince Charming: “My dream is to have my own cooking show,” he grins.
Lance credits his husband of two years, Michael Turchin, with helping him modify the sometimes unhealthy fare he grew up eating.
“When I met him, I ate everything fried, because I didn’t care about the health part of it,” he laughs. “Thanks to him, I started really experimenting with a lot of vegetables.”
While insisting he’s no chef, Lance reveals he’s definitely handier in the kitchen than Michael, but the couple has a lot of fun whipping up dinners.
“He’s my sous (assistant) chef,” Bass notes. “It’s the best date night because of the conversations you have and you actually get to yell at (your partner) – which is really fun.”
Lance’s recipes will be unveiled by Chef’d bosses on 25 May (17).

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