Langella details sexual conquests with Taylor and Hayworth in new book

The actor comes clean about his penchant for actresses in Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women as I Knew Them, which details his love affairs with some of Hollywood’s most famous stars.

In an excerpt, obtained by the New York Post, he confesses to having a seven-week fling with Hayworth during the making of 1972 film The Wrath of God and also recalls a slew of dates with tragic movie icon and then-69-year-old Taylor.

He writes, “She was fragile, tender and extremely vulnerable. No man could possibly stay afloat in it. I knew that when I leaned in to kiss her, but still I kissed her.”

Langella also tells about a handful of saucy chats he shared with the legendary Bette Davis, admitting the pair had a “number of racy phone conversations, not quite phone sex but certainly rife with foreplay”.