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Late Twin Peaks star returns for heartbreaking revival scenes

Late Twin Peaks star Catherine Coulson made a posthumous return to the cult show’s revival on Sunday night (21May17) as she reprised her Log Lady character.
Coulson lost her battle with cancer in 2015 and there were reports suggesting she had filmed scenes for the revamped series in the weeks before her death.
No one confirmed the rumours before the new series debuted in America on Sunday – and Coulson’s Log Lady made two appearances in the combined two-part TV event.
Clutching her signature log, Coulson appeared frail and appeared to be hooked up to a breathing device as she called Michael Horse’s character Deputy Hawk to share messages her piece of wood has for him.
During a second call the late actress was clearly shaking as she held the phone to her ear and asked Hawk to visit her after a night investigation in the woods surrounding Twin Peaks, promising him coffee and pie.
“I’m too weak to go with you,” she said. “Please, let me know what happens.”

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