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Laura Jane Grace’s ex-wife upset over topless shot in Rolling Stone article

The former wife of transgender rocker Laura Jane Grace has attacked Rolling Stone editors for publishing her ex topless in the bath.
Heather Gabel was appalled by the recent magazine expose of the Against Me! rocker, claiming her ex-husband’s topless shot should have been covered up – something editors do when including naked shots of women to avoid showing the female nipple.
Gabel suggests the magazine bosses decided not to censor Grace’s nipples because they belong to a transgender woman.
“Rolling Stone has never published a photograph of a non trans women’s nipples uncensored before, which, to me, reads as them making arbitrary distinctions between trans and non trans women, which is f**ked up,” she writes on Facebook.
“Everyone’s t**s should be legal. In my opinion, this is not a subversive decision aimed at giving censorship the middle finger, it’s a blatant example of misgendering, of gender inequality, and a general slap in the face to anyone who expects to have their gender identity respected.”
Heather is also upset about the way the couple’s 2014 split was handled in the recent article, claiming it misrepresented what she told journalist Alex Morris.
“After talking to Alex Morris for an hour, after having to preface my replies to nearly every question she asked me with the explanation that Laura’s coming out/transition was NOT the reason we separated, I very plainly told her why we broke up: we had grown apart. We were living separate lives,” Gable writes.
“The quotes she chose to use from me have been taken so far out of context that they are being used to support the complete opposite sentiment of my replies. Why? What’s the point? Did she run out of time? Did the truths she left out simply not fit into her preconceived idea of the story? Is she simply more interested in appeasing her readers with a happy ending?”
Gabel ends her rant by stating: “Us being together or not being together is not the story, because one day my daughter will be reading this one sided bulls**t and that really upsets me.”
Grace’s ex reveals she has reached out to Rolling Stone editors to ask about their decision not to censor the photo of the rocker but has not received a response.

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