Lauren Daigle: Miley Cyrus gave me big career boost after American Idol fail

LaurenDaigle_BillboardMusicAwards_2019Miley Cyrus gave Triple Billboard Music Awards winner Lauren Daigle her big start after running into her in a nail salon.

The Christian artist had just been kicked off American Idol and got the boost she needed from the Wrecking Ball star, who hooked her up with a new mentor – her mum Trish.

She tells Billboard, “(Miley told her mum), ‘You’ve got to meet this girl. I can tell just from the way she talks she needs to be on radio’.”

Thrilled, the singer agreed to fly to Tennessee for a very encouraging meeting with Trish, who gave her the confidence she needed to fight for a record deal – and now she’s an award-winning life-saver thanks to her emotional song, You Say.

One fan recently told her the track had stopped her from taking her life: “Towards the end of their (suicide) letter, they put the pen down and chose to stay on the planet. It’s those kinds of things… You can’t put your finger on it, it’s just powerful.”

And Miley is still a huge fan: “We were at the Grammys about to perform and Miley heard me backstage with her manager and someone in the management team and they came running up, and they’re like, ‘Girl, thank you for doing this, we love your music’.

“Miley was the beginning. She figured it out.”