Lauren Daigle’s success makes it hard to maintain friendships


Lauren Daigle has found it hard maintaining friendships and relationships since hitting the big time.

The 27-year-old singer has enjoyed huge success with her track You Say, and has two Grammy Awards and two American Music Awards under her belt. Her soulful voice has earned her comparisons to Adele, and she now counts stars including Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez among her biggest fans.

However, finding her place in the music industry has its downsides, with Lauren admitting to Bustle that her personal life has suffered.

“It’s really hard dealing with friendships and relationships,” she explained. “There’s nothing consistent. It’s not like you wake up and you go (to) the gym with your best friend, and then you grab a coffee, and then you go to work and do your nine-to-five, and then you go see a show together. That life doesn’t happen.”

Finding success has also impacted the way she looks at music now.

“I have to work to continue absorbing music as I used to,” she mused. “A lot of times you can start to critique it, and say, ‘Oh, I would have done this there,’ or, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s brilliant, I love what they did there,’ versus just taking a natural approach to simply enjoying music.”

But these issues have done little to put Lauren off, and her career trajectory looks as though it will continue to rise. As for her plans for the future, the Christian music singer is hoping to make her mark in the fashion industry as well.

“My friend and I want to launch a (fashion) line, so getting that in the works, traveling around, learning about different fabrics, all that stuff,” she smiled.