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Laurence Fox received sue threats from old school

British actor Laurence Fox’s former school bosses once threatened him with legal action for slating them in the press.
The Gosford Park star was enrolled at the British private school Harrow at the age of 13, but he was expelled before his final exams for bad behaviour. Although school bosses let him sit his exams, he struggled to get into university due to a report they wrote about him.
He has been vocally slamming the school and its strict policies in interviews for years and has often claimed he witnessed racism and homophobia while there.
Fox, 37, now reveals he would never send his two children with actress/singer wife Billie Piper to the institution because of the way they treated him.
He tells Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, “Absolutely not… I love you, Harrow. I’m so sorry. Please don’t send me a letter threatening to sue me again – which they did do.”
He wants to break the chain of males in his family going to the school, adding, “My dad (actor James Fox) had been expelled and his father had gone and been expelled… Most of us have been expelled from Harrow and yet we continue to send our children there. I didn’t respond very well to the Harrow education, but I was a pain to them as well, so in the end we parted ways.”
He married Piper in 2007. Their son Winston is seven, and daughter Eugene is three.

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