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Laurie embarrassed by naked scenes

The new season of the British star’s hit show opens with lovemaking scenes between himself and castmate Lisa Edelstein – and the media has gone berserk with one compromising press shot, in which a naked Laurie’s genitals are covered by a laptop.

But the actor insists baring all on the House set was a much more pleasant experience than the last time he took his clothes off for a role – 2000 movie Maybe Baby.

He explains, “I had to be outside in a London street and we cleverly scheduled the scene at six o’clock in the morning (when there was) nobody about. Filming is filming and of course it was 8.45 when we finally came to shoot it.

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“The local paparazzi had had a nice leisurely breakfast… and also there was a nearby girls school.

“I was wearing my cupped hands and I had a towel but in the scene a dog is supposed to snatch the towel in a comical fashion.”

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