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Lawsuit over Sam Smith’s Stay With Me close to being dismissed – report

A copyright infringement lawsuit filed over Sam Smith’s hit Stay With Me is reportedly close to being thrown out of court.
Mark Halper filed suit in a U.S. court back in 2015, demanding recognition for inspiring the tune, claiming lyrics from his 1986 demo Don’t Throw Our Love Away were clearly lifted for Smith’s 2014 release.
In legal papers obtained by TMZ.com, he explained his track begins with the “phraseology and significant phrase, ‘stay with me'”, which he believes was ripped off by Smith, as the Brit uses the same three words repeatedly on his Grammy Award-winning ballad.
However, the magistrate judge on the case, who assists the trial judge, is said to be unconvinced by Halper’s claims, insisting that the songwriter hasn’t made a case that Smith had access to his song. According to TMZ.com, the judge continued to state that even if Sam had heard Don’t Throw Our Love Away, the phrase “stay with me” is not protected by copyright law.
Apparently, the magistrate judge is recommending that the trial judge dismiss the entire case.

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