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Leachman urges grandparents to keep kids from animal circuses

The 83-year-old Young Frankenstein star has signed up to front a new PETA drive urging grandmas and granddads not to take their grandchildren to animal circuses, where elephants and horses are mistreated.

A new PETA AARP.com ad directs readers to a video short hosted by Leachman, in which she states, “Old people and elephants have a lot more in common than wrinkles.”

The video goes on to reveal how elephants used in the circus suffer a variety of ailments – including arthritis – but are forced to perform despite their ill health.

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A spokesperson for PETA tells WENN, “By promoting the new video through AARP.com and by targeting users aged 55 and older on Facebook and Google, we hope that sympathetic grandparents will influence their families to stay away from the circus.”

Animal lover Leachman isn’t the first star to speak out against animal circuses – Pink, Demi Moore, and comedienne Sarah Silverman have also spoken publicly about and penned open letters to circus bosses.

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