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LeAnn Rimes postpones concerts due to jaw condition

Singer LeAnn Rimes postponed two concerts over the weekend (01-02Oct16) because of a painful joint condition which is affecting her jaw.
The How Do I Live? star was due to perform in Angola on Saturday (01Oct16) and in Carmel in Indiana on Sunday (02Oct16) but she announced she would have to postpone the shows until November (16) due to temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), a jaw condition she has suffered with for years, which occasionally flares up.
“Fans and Friends, I am incredibly disappointed not to be with you this weekend,” she wrote on Twitter. “I have been struggling with severe TMJ and have injured my bone and jaw. It’s left me unable to sing at this moment. I have been put on rest in order to recover.
“I am truly sorry for this horrible timing, but I am happy to say we have new dates set for the shows… Thank you for the understanding and see (you) very soon. I appreciate you all. LeAnn.”
LeAnn previously had to cut a gig short in 2014 after she suffered a TMJ flare-up. She told fans on Twitter her jaw had popped out of place and she couldn’t hear from one ear.
She is next scheduled to perform in Gretna, Louisiana on 9 October (16). The tour dates were scheduled ahead of the release of her upcoming album Remnants, which is due for release on 28 October (16).
It is the first disc set to be released with her new label RCA Records and LeAnn has previously admitted she never felt free to make honest music with her old independent label Curb.
“I was at my previous label for 20 years, and now being with RCA, I have no restraints, so I’m trying to figure out where I am authentically at this moment,” LeAnn tells Digitaljournal.com. “I never had the freedom to truly create exactly what I wanted. A lot of my songs, ever since, I have been writing really honestly, and things have gone more in that direction.”

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