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Lebanese leaders want to ban Wonder Woman – report

Movie fans in the Lebanon may miss out on the new Wonder Woman blockbuster if reports of a nationwide ban on the film are true.
Government officials in the Arabic country are reportedly keen to ban the movie from cinemas because leading lady Gal Gadot is Israeli.
Leaders of the two nations, who have long been at odds, are officially at war, and a Lebanese security source tells The Associated Press politicians from the Ministry of Economy want to have the superhero film banned from the country’s theatres.
A formal request has yet to be lodged, but the movie, based on the popular DC Comics of the same name, hits cinemas worldwide this week (ends02Jun17).
Activists at the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon have also been protesting against planned screenings of Wonder Woman in Lebanon, and they applauded the reports of a government ban in a post on the organisation’s Facebook page.
Gadot, who previously served in the Israeli army, has yet to comment on the news.

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