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Lena Dunham blasts Donald Trump for ‘violent and abusive’ comments

Lena Dunham has slammed Donald Trump over his latest disgusting, sexist remarks.
A video was leaked earlier this week (beg10Oct16) of the Republican presidential candidate in conversation with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, in which he made derogatory and lewd comments about the way he seduces women.
Trump has lost thousands of supporters in the wake of the video being made public, and now Girls actress Lena has come forward to urge others to stop backing the politician.
“To hear someone in a position of power, in the race for the highest office in the land, to say something that is so distinctly violent, and so distinctly abusive – I think it creates a lot of fear and a lot of sort of pain in the public consciousness that we’re going to be dealing with for a long time,” she told People.
Lena also said that while the remarks were undoubtedly sexist, they are actually offensive to everybody.
“I think women, and people of color and Muslims who have been searched at the airport, and transpeople who have been denied their rights, all know what it feels like to have their body taken from them,” she added. “Those comments aren’t just about women – they were about everyone whose body is treated like the property of other people.”
Following the leak of the video, in which Trump told Bush he would just “grab” women “by the p****y”, the politician apologised and insisted it was just “locker room talk”.
Bush has also been suspended from NBC’s Today show due to his involvement in the lewd discussion, and Lena thinks the presenter should be lambasted for going along with Trump’s views.
“Billy Bush – whatever his deal is – it made me sad to listen to this person who felt like he had to play along with this old rich guy saying disgusting things just to be part of a club,” Lena raged. “It made me sad about American masculinity.”

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