This ‘Jason Bourne’ Poster Is Really Upsetting Fans — For A Very Good Reason

Jason Bourne, Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander
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Lena Dunham has called on her followers to remove gun images from the poster for action movie Jason Bourne.

The Girls creator and actress shared an Instagram post from the show’s producer Tami Sagher, who uploaded a picture showing the movie poster, in which actor Matt Damon is holding a firearm, in a New York subway. The image of the gun has been peeled away, and Tami called for all billboards to receive the same treatment. 


“Hey New Yorkers, what if we do some peeling and get rid of the guns in the Jason Bourne subway ads. So tired of guns,” Tami wrote. When Lena shared the post, she added, “Good idea…Let’s go!”

Their call comes not long after the deaths of African Americans Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were shot by police officers, and the subsequent deaths of five officers in a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas.

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Lena Dunham

Lena urged her fans to call for an end to racial inequality in America on Instagram after the death of Sterling in Louisiana on 5 July (16). She wrote, “Alton Sterling’s beautiful family. American children of colour do not have the luxury of knowing their parents will come home safe, or relying on law enforcement to protect their families.

“Meanwhile rich white college boys run roughshod across the law every day and then get jobs in banking. We have to say no more. We have to SCREAM it.”

The actress has also used her Lenny Letter newsletter as a platform to advocate for gun control. Julianne Moore wrote an article for Lenny which was published in April (16) and called for the tightening of gun legislation and tougher background checks.

“Where guns are concerned, it is not a good-guy-versus-bad-guy argument,” Julianne wrote. “It should not be a partisan argument. It should not be a pro-gun-versus-anti-gun argument. It is not an argument about our Constitution. The Second Amendment protects the right of a United States citizen to bear arms. But a gun is a machine. And if you choose to bear arms, you have a responsibility to bear them safely.”