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Lena Dunham contemplates rear end enhancement

Actress Lena Dunham has considered enhancing her rear end with chemical injections.
The Girls star often writes about body awareness and how she relates to her own female form in her Lenny Letter newsletter, and although she is a staunch feminist, the 30-year-old admits there are parts of her physique she becomes insecure about from time to time.
“The butt shots thing is really intense,” she noted during a The Breakfast Club radio interview on Wednesday (05Oct16). “My boyfriend (Jack Antonoff) explained it to me… I was sitting in my house, I’m this feminist who hasn’t even had my teeth whitened, and I’m like, ‘Do I need butt shots?’”
Lena’s answer to her own question ended up being “no”, partly because she has never suffered any physical or romantic struggles related to the state of her posterior.
“I’ve been 30 pounds heavier than I am, I’ve been 20 pounds lighter,” she explained. “Amy Schumer said something similar: ‘It’s never stopped me from getting laid’. At the end of the day, I think men and women are sexually more accepting of a much wider spectrum of bodies.”
However, Lena, who has bared all on her show Girls, confesses it took a long time for her to feel comfortable enough in her body to confidently engage with sexuality.
“I do a lot of sexual stuff on television, and I had an adventuresome early 20s. I’m 30 now… A lot of it in my early 20s was I didn’t love myself very much, so (I did) anything that anyone brought to the table. I was chubby, anxious, covered in pimples, and I didn’t realise I had the right to say no and to advocate for myself.
“(But) I’m actually weirdly prudish. I’ll do anything on TV, but if somebody says something sexual to me in real life, I turn beet red.”

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