Lenny Kravitz reworked ‘angry’ new single to reflect positive energy

Rocker Lenny Kravitz gave his latest single It’s Enough a complete makeover because he wasn’t happy with the “angry tone” of the original recording.
The American Woman hitmaker released the powerful track about fighting social, racial, and political injustice last month (May18), but he reveals his initial take on the tune was nothing like the more mellow sound he ended up with for his forthcoming album, Raise Vibration.
“I actually recorded the song twice,” he tells journalist Allison Kugel. “I was trying to find the direction for the record.”
“The way the song started, the first version of It’s Enough was a full-on guitar, bass, drum, punk rock song. It had an angry tone to it, because that felt like the proper reaction,” Lenny explains. “And then I thought about it and ended up changing it and finding this groove, which is the polar opposite of what it started out as.
“I found that by being calm and by being centred and by being quiet, it was more effective. It brought out a whole new feeling in the song, and I think it enables the listener to hear the lyrics even better.”
The final edit of the song was also more in line with Lenny’s own approach to life: “I’m all about positive energy,” he shares. “I’m stating the facts (in the lyrics), but in the end, I always take an optimistic and positive tone that, ‘People, we can do this!’ We can do it. It’s just a matter of waking up.”
That sentiment is also reflected in the name of his new album: “It means exactly that; waking up,” Lenny says of Raise Vibration, which is set for release on 7 September (18).
“I meditate, I pray, I try to be still, I try to be quiet… and listen,” he shares of his daily routine to maintain his zen-like balance of energy. “It means having the desire to learn, to improve, and to face my faults and learn from them. I’m always looking to go higher. And taking as much ego out of myself as possible.”