Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘I’ll keep acting as long as people want me’


Leonardo DiCaprio has no plans to quit acting anytime soon.

The Oscar winner made his screen debut in family drama series The New Lassie when he was just 15 years old, and went on to star in blockbuster hits including Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Revenant. And speaking to People at the Los Angeles premiere for his upcoming movie, the Quentin Tarantino-directed flick Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, on Monday (July 22, 2019), the 44-year-old insisted he’ll keep working for as long as he can.

“I suppose at one point I might retire, but I always looked at this as the greatest gift anyone’s ever given to me,” he shared. “I feel like I won the lotto so I’m going to keep going as long as they’ll have me.”

In the new movie, DiCaprio plays washed-up TV star Rick Dalton, and the star went on to share how he has dealt with the ups and downs of his three-decade-long career.

“I know there’s ebbs and flows in everyone’s careers – sometimes they’re a little hotter, sometimes you may not be hot at all – but if you love what you do, you gotta just keep doing it,” he insisted.

The Catch Me If You Can star also shared he’s learned to be more selective about projects in recent years, admitting he prefers to “wait around until something good pops up,” to avoid selling himself out.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood shows in cinemas from July 26.