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Leonardo DiCaprio’s stepbrother ‘on the run from police’

Leonardo DiCaprio’s stepbrother Adam Farrar is reportedly on the run from the police after skipping a court date.
The Wolf of Wall Street finally won the Academy Award for Best Actor for The Revenant on 28 February (16) on his sixth Oscar attempt, but his glory was marred by his stepbrother, who was in hiding with his partner Charity Moore at the time after failing to show up in court on 18 February (16).
Farrar, a former actor, and Moore were arrested in January (16) after allegedly trying to steal items worth $990 (£700), but have now both disappeared, according to reports. Police officers issued a warrant for his arrest and their bail has been set at $3,000 (£2,100) for when they are caught.
DiCaprio’s father George and Farrar’s mother Peggy married in 1995, after meeting through their sons, who both attended the same preschool and grew to be close friends.
The pair’s friendship waned when Farrar stopped acting, began battling a drug addiction and had run-ins with the police, including a three-week stint in jail in 2013 for theft and breaking probation.
“Adam continues to run away from responsibilities and it’s going to land him in jail again,” a source tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper. “He’s struggled before with drugs and although he makes promises to get clean, he gets caught up in something else.
“Leo is sympathetic but this is the latest in a long line of offences and he’s at the end of his tether… He got fed up with Adam asking to borrow money and not paying it back. No one knows where Adam and Charity have gone.”
Adam had an early acting career with parts in TV series Galactica 1980, but has since been arrested on a string of occasions, most notably in 2000 on suspicion of attempted murder of his then-girlfriend. He was not charged.

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