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Letterman: ‘I’m on medicinal help’

The U.S. TV personality joined comic Robin Williams and former President Bill Clinton to talk about his second chance at life as part of a Barbara Walters news special, which aired in America on Friday (04Feb11).

The Late Show host Letterman underwent emergency heart surgery in 2000 and chatted candidly with Walters about his feelings of joy following the operation.

But they didn’t last long.

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During the chat, Letterman stated, “Depression is a black hole… I’ve dabbled in it.

“There’s a difference in being sad and being blue and being depressed and being chemically or clinically depressed. I do know the difference between those and it’s horrifying.

“Without some kind of medicinal help… institutions used to be full of people who were depressed.”

Asked if he was on medicinal help, Letterman said, “Yes, I’m on medicinal help.”

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