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Lewis’ ex-husband is her best friend

The Natural Born Killers star married the professional skateboarder in 1999 but their marriage ended in divorce in 2003 – although Lewis insists she still loves Berra dearly.

She says, “We’re actually like family. It’s really special and also unusual. You go through difficult times, and it’s not like we were immediately, ‘Hey! Let’s be best friends now!’ But it came to that and now we’re each other’s biggest support.

“And he’s dated, and I’ve dated – it’s no problem. We just really love each other. But we both know why it is we’re not together, so we don’t really have illusions about it.”

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And the star admits she hopes to eventually walk down the aisle once more.

She adds: “Absolutely I would (marry again) if I was inspired to do so. I’m very traditional in some senses; I believe in love in a monogamous relationship – healthy sex within that – meaning, to me, good sex only comes from a loving relationship. I don’t have it any other way.”

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