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Liam Gallagher wanted to flee to Spain following divorce drama

Liam Gallagher contemplated leaving Britain for Spain following his divorce from singer Nicole Appleton.
In 2013 the British musician split from his wife following revelations he had a young daughter with New York journalist Liza Ghorbani, after cheating on Nicole during their marriage. The onset of events became so stressful that looking back now, Liam admits he was close to leaving the country for good once his divorce was finalised in April 2014.
“I was waiting for the divorce to kick in, to see what f**king pennies they’d throw back at me, and I was out of here. I was gonna go and live in Spain and just chill out, get fit, eat nice, bit of sun on me bones and just f**king live,” he told ES Magazine
“I know it was all my own doing and that. But I was just living in ghoul world with f**king lawyers. Every day.
“If it wasn’t the divorce lawyer, it was the other lawyer. It was f**king grim,” he complained. “They just make it worse. They f**king strung it out, mate. They definitely know how long a piece of string is.”
He also confessed the period was made worse by his drinking habits as he recalled feeling like a “has-been” when people kept referring to his band Oasis, which he formed with his brother Noel in 1991 before the group split in 2009. Liam’s own band, Beady Eye, was also going downhill at the time and finally parted ways in 2014.
It wasn’t until he struck up a relationship with his manager and publicist Debbie Gwyther, who he currently lives with in London’s Highgate area, that he finally came to his senses and decided to get back on track.
The outspoken star is now gearing up to release his debut solo album later this year (17), explaining: “The main thing is getting a record done, getting back touring and doing what I do: singing and moving people, rather than sitting at home doing nothing, spouting off on Twitter.”

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