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Liam Payne quit smoking to be positive role model for son

Liam Payne has quit smoking in order to be a positive role model for his newborn son Bear.
The One Direction heartthrob became a first-time father when partner Cheryl gave birth to their baby on 22 March (17).
Becoming parents has drastically changed both Liam and Cheryl’s lives, with the 23-year-old singer admitting that one of the things he decided to change when he found out about the pregnancy was to get rid of his nicotine habit.
“I knew my son was coming, and I was like, I’m not gonna be smoking with my son, that’s not right,” Liam said during an interview on American radio station KISS FM. “My life’s not my own anymore, now, it’s not mine to decide, so smoking had to go.”
As one of the world’s most famous boyband members, with Cheryl also a successful businesswoman and entertainer in her own right, the pair can afford to splash out on a nanny for their tot. However, Liam insisted that while he gave Cheryl the option of employing some help, she decided she wanted to do it solo.
“I’ll be honest with you, she’s doing it all herself at the moment because she wants to know what it feels like when I’m not there,” he explained. “She knows that I’m going on tour, so obviously she’s got a lot to deal with. Which is hard. I thought that I’d get the call saying, ‘we need a nanny for this’, but no, she’s doing everything. She’s really pushing herself with it, bless her.”
As any new parent knows, sleeping becomes very limited when there’s a new arrival. To help cope with night feeds, Liam and Cheryl came up with a rota, but the singer revealed it didn’t last very long.
“As a man, night feeds are kind of pointless at times, because, you as a woman you’re so connected to a baby, it’s something that a man just does not have,” he said. “You have that super power as a woman, where you are, you know, your heartbeats are even in sync.”
Speaking of heartbeats, Liam recorded Bear’s when he was still in Cheryl’s stomach, and shared he may use it on a future song.
“I made it in to like a drum beat, which is super cool. We haven’t really fit it with any song yet but, I mean, there’s a chance of it,” he smiled.

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