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Life of Pi star: ‘I still don’t know if I want to act’

The teenager spent two years making the movie adaptation of Yann Martel’s beloved novel and then returned to his studies in India.

And Sharma admits the film could be a one-hit wonder for him because he fell into acting after attending an audition with his brother and isn’t convinced it’s what he wants to do after college.

He says, “I probably will act again but I’m still not sure about the whole thing. I wanna tell stories eventually but I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna wait and see.”

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And Sharma admits any credit he gets for the film is all down to his director – because Lee taught him everything he knows about acting to green screens and imaginary tigers.

Sharma tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live, “I’ve never acted before, so, for me, I don’t know what it’s like acting opposite somebody else. I got trained by Ang… so this is all I really know.”

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