Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes Like to Talk About Sex


Young actresses Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes bonded on the set of hit TV series Riverdale over sex talk.

Lili reveals she is “very open sexually (and) loves to talk about it” and when she started to have conversations with castmate Camila about the racy subject matter, they found they have a lot in common.

“That’s something that we bonded about,” Camila tells Cosmopolitan magazine in a joint interview with Lili. “I didn’t initially think you would be willing to talk about sex. And then once we started, I was like, ‘Oh my god!'”

Lili and Camila are also big fans of talking about sex positively and being honest with their fans about their very different sexual experiences.

“The idea that sex is going to be the same with everyone – that’s a misconception,” Lili says. “That’s how I felt when I lost my virginity; I was like, ‘So this is sex!’ And then you have sex with someone else, and you’re like, ‘Holy s**t, this is so different’. What you want, what feels good to you – it’s all going to change with every partner you have.”

Meanwhile, Camila insists sex is always great with a loving partner.

“I’ve never liked this idea of ‘don’t give him everything’,” she adds. “Like, you’ve given someone all of yourself by having sex with them. What’s valuable to me is giving you my love and my intimacy.

“I want to tell (guys), ‘Don’t have sex at me – have sex with me’. I want them to understand that it’s so much better when we’re connected.”