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Lily Allen concerned by U.K. Prime Minister’s ‘misogynistic’ slogan

Lily Allen is unimpressed by one of U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s campaign phrases.
The English singer-songwriter has never been quiet about her political views, taking public stances on issues ranging from energy use, digital file sharing, women’s rights and climate change.
In the run up to the U.K. general election on 8 June (17), Conservative Party leader May was interviewed on Channel 4 on Monday night (29May17), with her party representatives posting a message on Twitter after the debate.
“Tonight showed this ‘bl**dy difficult woman’ is the only candidate who can get the best Brexit deal for Britain. #BattleForNumber10,” the message stated.
However, Lily was less than thrilled with the use of the words “bl**dy difficult woman”, a phrase May first used when discussing her stance on Brexit negotiations in March (17), and has since repeated the words on various outings to convey a sense of strength and eagerness to “fight for Britain”.
“So weird that she keeps trotting out this misogynistic term as a campaign slogan. It’s not funny,” the musician wrote on her official account.
Lily has previously voiced her support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The 32-year-old has also made an impassioned plea for young people to register to vote in the upcoming election, and has offered her fans access to a series of demo recordings if they can prove they are on the electoral roll.
“Just discovered a USB (stick) full of quite good demos. Winning. Register to vote and I’ll send you them *screenshot* and @ me. I’ll follow and dm (direct message),” she wrote.
The Smile singer previewed some of the songs in an accompanying message, explaining that at least one of the tunes was recorded three years ago.

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