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Lin-Manuel Miranda announces huge $2.5 million recovery initiative for Puerto Rico

Singer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda launched a $2.5 million (GBP1.9 million) hurricane recovery fund during a trip to Puerto Rico on Tuesday (07Nov17).
The Hamilton creator met locals, posed for selfies and even helped deliver food to those affected by September’s (17) devastating storm, and then told the media he was part of a huge New York-based charity push, which will hand out grants for reconstruction projects on the island, via the Hispanic Federation.
A portion of each grant can be used for emergency relief efforts including food, water or shelter.
Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico hard, destroying homes and bringing down power lines, leaving tens of thousands of people without electricity or shelter for weeks.
Half of the island is still without power and almost 20 per cent of Puerto Ricans have no clean water.
Lin-Manuel said, “The road to recovery in Puerto Rico is not a simple one, nor is it one that relies solely on aid from the American government on the mainland. Together, we will cultivate, fund and execute practical and actionable solutions to kick-start and continue the island’s road to recovery for years to come.”
Miranda has many relatives living on the island, who fought through the hurricane.
The star has done more than most in the wake of the disaster – he grouped together an army of stars including Jennifer Lopez, Gina Rodriguez, and Camila Cabello, to record a charity anthem in the days following the hurricane.
He also created a Latin-themed Spotify playlist, featuring all the artists who joined him for the fundraising song, and bosses at the streaming service agreed to donate cash to the Puerto Rico relief effort every time fans check out the Hamilton creator and star’s online compilation.

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