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Lindsay Lohan wanted to quit acting

The Mean Girls star has endured a turbulent few years fraught with legal battles and numerous stints in prison and rehab, and she hasn’t appeared on the big screen since her small role in 2009 movie Machete.

Lohan dabbled in a number of other projects, launching a clothing line and a self-tan product, and enjoying a brief tenure as an artistic adviser for French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro, and she has now revealed she considered leaving acting behind for good.

During a question-and-answer session at a Los Angeles screening of her new TV project, Liz & Dick, Lohan told reporters, “There was a point when it got really lonely. I was being hounded a lot. I didn’t know what do… I didn’t want to listen to anyone. I was very stubborn…

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“(I asked myself) ‘Do I do this or do I take the easy way out and just stop?’ But I love acting… It’s unfortunate that people began to know me as a celebrity rather than as an actress. I can hope to gain that respect back only through my work.”

Lohan is now preparing for a career comeback with her role as Dame Elizabeth Taylor in small screen biopic Liz & Dick, as well as a role in the next Scary Movie installment.

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