Lisa Kudrow Once Upset Jane Fonda by Ignoring Her at a Deli


Lisa Kudrow once accidentally ignored Jane Fonda while dining at a deli.

The former Friends actress recently appeared in three episodes of Jane and Lily Tomlin’s Netflix show Grace and Frankie, in which she plays a lodger named Sherree.

But shortly before Lisa took on the role, she actually sat next to Jane at an eatery in Beverly Hills, but failed to recognize the veteran Hollywood star.

“I was at a deli with my father and my sister, and then sitting next to us was this really beautiful woman. And I thought, ‘Lisa, start taking care of yourself and you might have a shot at looking O.K. later on, but you’ve gotta start,'” she recalled during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (24Jan18). “Anyway, I wasn’t really paying attention, and she got up and left. And my father went, ‘That was Jane Fonda,’ and I went, ‘Oh, I’ve met her before.’ And my sister was like, ‘You’re so mean, why didn’t you say hello?’ I was like that’s not how it works, you don’t have to say hello, she doesn’t care about me.”

But unfortunately, Jane, 80, did notice that Lisa seemingly ignored her, and pointed it out in a rather awkward conversation on the first day of shooting her episodes for the fourth season of Grace and Frankie.

“So, I got in on the first day and said, ‘Hi, good to see you.’ And Jane says, ‘Now, you were at a deli and you didn’t say hello,'” the 54-year-old laughed.

During her appearance on the late-night talk show, Lisa was asked by host Jimmy how she was coping since her son Julian, 19, left for college last year (17). And Lisa explained that she was still trying to get to grips with his departure, and even moved house shortly after he left to distract herself.

“I’m doing… well,” she sighed. “I think I’m handling it really well… and, you know, like a mature adult… happy that our son is away… and independent…”