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Lisa Marie Presley planning suit against former financial manager

Singer Lisa Marie Presley is preparing to take her former financial managers to court for allegedly squandering more than $100 million (GBP76 million) over a decade.
TMZ bosses have obtained a copy of a lawsuit the star is planning to file, in which she claims she’s broke thanks to bad investments, including the purchase of an English estate.
She also accuses ex-manager Barry Siegel of failing to pay her taxes in 2012, which left her with a bill of over $7 million (GBP5.3 million).
But Siegel insists Lisa Marie is responsible for her own financial troubles, insisting he twice saved her when she found herself broke in the past and revealing his former client was always guilty of excessive spending.
Sources tell TMZ he plans to countersue Presley for $800,000 (GBP610,000) in unpaid fees.
Lisa Marie’s lawyer, Amjad Khan, tells the outlet, “Lisa Marie Presley has been betrayed by her former trustee, Barry Siegel and Provident Financial Management, Hollywood money managers to stars like Al Pacino and Rob Thomas… We must file suit to hold Siegel and Provident accountable for the harm they have caused to the Presley estate.”

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