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Liz & Dick producer denies Lindsay Lohan lawsuit

The Liz & Dick TV movie aired on U.S. network Lifetime on Sunday night (25Nov12), and came under fire from critics, who panned Lohan’s portrayal of the screen legend.

Reports suggested the bad reviews were not the Mean Girls star’s only problem, with bosses at Lifetime said to be planning to file suit against her for violating a clause in her contract over her June (12) car collision.

The star’s Porsche was involved in a smash in California, which allegedly meant Lohan broke an agreement banning her from driving or travelling in any vehicle other than the chauffeured car provided by TV bosses.

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However, Lifetime representatives insist Lohan’s contract was not with them but with Larry Thompson Productions – and the producer has shot down speculation he is set to sue.

Thompson tells E! Online, “Larry Thompson Productions has no plans, nor has ever had any plans, to sue our leading lady, Lindsay Lohan, for breach of contract.”

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