Lizzo: ‘Being a nerd is hot’


Lizzo refused to change her personality to satisfy bullies who teased her for being a “nerd”.

The 31-year-old opened up about her tough time at school during an interview for Britain’s The Sun newspaper, and reflected on how her love of learning and penchant for “anime and comics” didn’t sit well with her peers.

“I was teased like a dog for wanting to be intelligent, for reading, for talking the way I do,” the Juice hitmaker. “I liked anime and comics, which just didn’t work in Houston, where everybody is black and listens to rap.

“Teachers would call my mum and be like, ‘Melissa is trying to teach my class’,” the star laughed.

The Truth Hurts singer, real name Melissa Jefferson, went on to admit she’s happy she stayed true to herself and didn’t seek acceptance from her peers.

“I didn’t dumb myself down just to be accepted,” she insisted. “I was listening to Radiohead and classical music. I never stopped doing what I loved. And now being a nerd is hot.”