Logan Director Keen for Spin-Off with Child Star Dafne Keen


Director James Mangold wants Logan child actress Dafne Keen to get her own movie.

The Marvel Comics flick sees actor Hugh Jackman return as the titular hero, aka Wolverine, while Patrick Stewart reprises his role as leader Professor Charles Xavier. Joining them is newcomer Keen as mutant X-23, aka Laura Kinney, who turns to the pair for help in escaping dark forces forces pursuing her.

Mangold has praised youngster Keen, who makes her movie debut in the film, and has revealed he’s keen to work on a spin-off with the talented young actress.

Quizzed by Den of Geek U.K. on whether the film has left him hungry to make a movie about Laura, he replied: “Yes is the simple answer. I’d love to figure out a story for that character. But I will say more because of the actress. (Keen) is a remarkable child who I’m very attached to, and who I feel incredibly indebted to.”

Keen, who was born in Spain, is the daughter of British actor, Will Keen of Wolf Hall and Sherlock fame, and his wife, Spanish actress, theatre director and writer Maria Fernandez Ache.

Further praising her intuition on set, Mangold added: “She’d be like, ‘What do you want to feel?’ Or she’d say, ‘What am I supposed to feel?’ She’s like a method actor of 11 years of age, going, ‘Don’t tell me what to look at, just tell me what the scene’s about!’”

The movie has been given an R-rating, due to its violence throughout. Mangold has already thanked Jackman for his dedication to the role and agreeing to a pay cut in order to secure the certificate, and the filmmaker wanted to avoid superhero cliches with his latest offering.

“I think comic book movies have almost got into a bidding war with themselves – an arms race… They’re trying to create higher and higher stakes, as though that will make the film more exciting.”

Logan hits cinemas from Wednesday (01Mar17).