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Lohan’s dad blames ex-wife for false rumours

The actress, who has been in and out of jail and rehab this year (10), is currently serving out a three-month stint at California’s Betty Ford clinic after failing two mandatory drug tests.

She recently reached out to her estranged dad and he visited the star at her apartment while she was on day release from the centre.

Rumours spread that the actress was left angry by her dad’s visit, but Michael Lohan is adamant the gossip started from his ex-wife after their family therapy sessions failed to build bridges between the former partners.

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He tells PerezHilton.com, “My guess is family week with Lindsay didn’t help Dina at all and the reason she would never have family therapy with Lindsay and the counselors is because Dina can’t face or tell the truth in a group setting.

“Dina needs alot of help. She is so full of anger, jealousy and bitterness. To imagine she would do this while (our) daughter is in recovery is sick. Obviously family therapy didn’t help Dina one bit.”

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