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Lohan’s dad urges her to continue fighting charge

The Mean Girls star entered a not guilty plea to accusations she stole a necklace from the Kamofie & Company jewellery store in Venice, California last month (Jan11), and maintains the item was loaned to her.

Her lawyer previously expressed interest in settling the case with prosecutors if they agreed not to fight for a prison term, but Superior Court Judge Keith L. Schwartz shot down the possibility on Wednesday (23Feb11).

He warned Lohan that pleading guilty or no contest to the charge will be an automatic admission of probation violation on an existing DUI charge – punishable with a jail term.

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Her father Michael admits he’s “confused” by the ruling, but maintains his daughter must fight to prove her innocence.

He tells CNN’s Piers Morgan, “I’ve been there before so there’s nothing like sitting in that position before a judge and him saying you’re getting jail time. I’ve never heard that before to be quite honest. Usually they weigh out the evidence and hear both sides of the case before they say you’re getting jail – so I’m a little bit confused by that.

“She’s afraid she is (going to prison). After the court, Lindsay said, ‘Daddy, what can we do? What am I going to do?’ I said, ‘Honey, we have to fight this.’ And she said, ‘Well I’m told if I fight it, it might be worse.’ But her only chance is to fight it… you have to fight.”

When Morgan asked the Lohan patriarch if he believes his daughter is innocent, he replied, “Absolutely.”

The born-again Christian also revealed his fears for the 24 year old if she is jailed: “I think she’s a very, very strong person. Can she cope? Yeah. But will it have long-reaching effects? Absolutely. It did with me and it still does today.”

The actress has until her next court hearing on 10 March (11) to decide whether or not to accept a plea bargain.

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She is currently free on bail after her probation for a 2007 misdemeanour DUI conviction was revoked earlier this month (Feb11).

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