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Lorde invites shop assistant to Governors Ball Music Festival

Lorde has surprised a shop assistant by inviting her to the upcoming Governors Ball Music Festival.
Emely Medina, who is new to her cashier job at a smoothie store in New York, shared a video on Twitter with the caption “she made my morning” after serving the singer a drink earlier this week (beg29May17).
In the video, she said to the camera, “This is my first famous person (to serve), we got Lorde in the house today. She got blue velvet (smoothie) I am shook (sic),” before turning her phone around to show Lorde across the counter. The 20-year-old laughs, smiles and throws up peace signs with her fingers.
The Green Light singer noticed the tweet and sent a private message to Emely which read, “come to the governors ball on me (love heart)” and when Emely questioned if her offer was a joke, Lorde replied, “Ha no!!!! I was gonna ask u in the store if u wanted to come but i got shy! To celebrate ur new job (smiley face).”
Emely responded by writing, “Omg!!!Yes!! I’m crying rn (right now)!! This is insane,” and later posted a grab of their exchange on Twitter with the caption, “Woke up trying to figure out if last night was a dream or real life…”
It seems like Emely is going to take Lorde, real name Ella Yelich O’Connor, up on her offer as she informed her followers she had invited her best friend along too.
Lorde is set to perform at the festival, which is held on Randall’s Island in New York, on Friday.
Other performers across the weekend include Chance the Rapper, Phoenix, Tool, Childish Gambino, and Cage the Elephant.

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