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Los Angeles detectives drop Corey Feldman paedophilia investigation

Los Angeles police authorities have dropped their investigation into Corey Feldman’s Hollywood paedophilia allegations.
The former child actor officially filed a police report about his sexual abusers last week (03Nov17) after he was challenged to name names during an appearance on U.S. TV personality Dr. Oz Mehmet’s daytime show.
Oz suggested his guest should call the cops during the interview after The Lost Boys star repeated past claims he had been abused by multiple men when he was a teenager.
Corey called the Los Angeles Police Department during the show and filed a report against actor John Grissom, while promising to bring those he considered paedophiles to justice.
On Monday (06Nov17), Feldman revealed he sat down for a formal interview with California authorities to discuss his claims and investigators subsequently confirmed they were looking into the allegations.
However, a media relations spokesperson for the LAPD has since confirmed they have dropped the investigation.
“We did investigate it but it’s out of (the statue of limitations) so we can no longer prosecute the case,” the spokesperson tells People magazine.
Feldman has since commented on the recent developments, tweeting: “MAYBE NOW U WILL #BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY I NEED 2 DO IT MY WAY…”, alongside a link to an E! News article.
During his interview with Dr. Oz, Feldman claimed he gave officials at the Santa Barbara Police Department the names of his alleged molesters back in 1993, but his allegations were brushed aside. Mehmet then told the actor he had called Santa Barbara police officials, who insisted they had no record of Corey’s statement.
Meanwhile, Feldman is hoping to raise $10 million (£7.6 million) to make a film about the alleged abuse he and others suffered at the hands of a ring of Hollywood perverts.
He recently told U.S. morning show he needs the cash to secure the set and hire people to protect him, as well as to make the film.

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