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Lost: Season 4, Ep. 2 ‘Confirmed Dead’

Oh my. We begin scouring the ocean floor with an underwater video cam shot on what seems to be a salvage mission. The guys talking on the radio are looking for something–and they find it: The Oceanic 815 plane, fully intact in an underwater sea trench, just like Naomi said.

In flashback No. 1, we see the boat guy who dropped in front of Jack and Kate in the last episode. His name is Dan, and he is watching the news reports about finding the plane off the Bali coast. The Bali coast? But Dan isn’t merely watching with a mild interest–he’s crying. His wife/girlfriend asks him why he is so upset. “I don’t know,” he replies.

Cut to the helicopter losing control over the island. A few of the boat people are in there, getting ready to evacuate, with Dan going out first. He lands, just as Jack and Kate run up to him. We know the rest of that first conversation. But he’s a bit spacey, this Dan. He tells Jack there were three others with him and he doesn’t know where they are. Dan calls George on the phone but can’t talk in front of Jack and Kate. Kate turns to Jack, “Naomi covered for us. They don’t know Locke killed her.” Jack says, “Are you sure about that?,” as he points out a gun on Dan’s belt. Ah, a hint of suspicion.

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Meanwhile, Locke and the rest are walking through the jungle. Sawyer asks where they are going, and Locke replies they first have to go to a cabin. Hurley quickly answers that it’s back there, and Locke looks surprised Hurley knows what cabin he is talking about. But Hurley covers and says he thought he meant the airplane cabin.

Sawyer further questions Locke, who finally admits the island is telling him what to do. “Where are you getting your orders from, Col. Kurtz?” Sawyer quips. “I’m getting them from Walt.” Walt? Sawyer can’t believe what he’s hearing. “Oh yeah, how’d he look?,” Sawyer asks. “He’s taller,” Locke replies. “Taller, like a giant?,” Sawyer shoots back. I love Sawyer.

Locke says Walt came to him, after he had been shot by Ben, and told Locke he still had work to do, including throwing a knife in Naomi’s back and trying to stop them from leaving the island. Sawyer wonders why Locke can walk around so well, if he has just been shot, and Locke pulls up his shirt to show him the bullet wound. It had gone in and out the other side. “If I had a kidney there, I might be dead,” Locke says. Sawyer shuts up.

On the beach, Sayid and Juliet are wondering where Jack and Kate are. Sayid then asks her why Ben would tell them the boat people were a threat. “Because Ben is a liar and he is trying to scare us, that’s what Ben does,” Juliet says matter-of-factly. But then she pauses. “Or because the people who are coming may do us harm. How many guns do we have left?”

Back with Jack, Kate and Dan, they find a metal case from the helicopter, full of strange stuff, including a gas mask. Jack and Kate grow even more suspicious, but Dan doesn’t seem to know anything about it. “Why do you have a gun?” Jack finally asks. Then Dan comes clean. “Rescuing you people isn’t our primary objective.” Then what is? Before Dan can answer, he gets a signal from one on the other transponders. It’s Miles, one of the others from the helicopter. They follow the signal and find him lying on the rocks, near the shoreline. Jack comes up to him to see if he’s dead, and Miles immediately jumps up, aiming his gun at Jack. Dan tries to assure Miles these two are OK, but Miles isn’t backing down. “You’re Kate. Want to tell me where Naomi is?” She just looks at him, dumbfounded. “You know, Naomi? The woman you killed? Where IS SHE?” Oh crap.

Flashback No.2 shows Miles in Inglewood, CA, listening to news reports about Oceanic flight and all passengers were confirmed dead on it in his car as he drives up to a house. He is met by an older lady, and he tells her he needs $200 for whatever he has to do for her, something to do with her dead grandson. Then Miles pulls out a bunch of weird looking techno stuff and heads up the stairs. “No matter what you hear, don’t come up,” he tells the lady. Then he is sitting in what must be the dead kid’s room–and he starts talking to someone who is not there. Ah, a ghost whisperer. Miles says, “I can’t tell her you aren’t here unless you tell me where it is.” Suddenly, a door opens behind the TV, and there’s some money stashed away in it. Miles takes it and leaves, telling the woman she won’t be bothered anymore. Hmmm.

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Back to Miles on the rocks, holding the gun. He says Naomi’s “tell my sister I love her” was a code to warn them she was captured with a gun to her head. Kate tries to explain what happened, but Miles doesn’t want to hear it. He just wants to see her body, so, they go and find it–and because he can talk to the dead, he finds out Kate is telling the truth. Suddenly, they get another signal from one of the other helicopter peeps. The agitated Miles immediately wants to go, but Jack tells him to first put the guns down. Miles balks, “Why should I do what you say?” “Because I have friends in the jungle who have guns pointing at your heads,” Jack calmly replies. “How stupid do you think I am?,” Miles laughs. Suddenly, shots are fired, and Sayid and Juliet come out, guns pointed right back. “I don’t know, Miles, how stupid are you?” Jack says with a twinkle in his eye. Oh yeah, don’t mess with these folks; they’ve already been through hell and back again.

So who’s the next boat person? Flashback No. 3 shows two women arriving at what looks to be an archeological dig in Tunisia. One British chick, Charlotte, is reading about the Oceanic crash in the local paper. But she is soon distracted by what they came there for: To examine the skeleton of a polar bear–in the middle of the Tunisia desert. What Charlotte finds in the dirt, however, is far more interesting; it’s a collar with the Dharma Initiative symbol on it.

Cut to Charlotte, hanging from her parachute over an inner-jungle lake. She falls into the water, unharmed and happy to be alive, when Locke and gang find her. They help her out, and she finds out they are the survivors from the Oceanic flight. She’s amazed they’ve been living there for so long. When Locke asks about the helicopter, she says she doesn’t know what happened to it, just that she jumped out of it. But she tells them she has got the transponder and if they sit tight, they’ll find them. Locke stands up, “OK, she’s coming with us.” Charlotte doesn’t understand. “We don’t want to be found,” Locke says.

In flashback No. 4, we meet Frank, boat person No. 4 and resident helicopter pilot. He’s a grizzled looking fellow, who is also watching the Oceanic news on TV. This time it’s dramatic footage of the plane crash, showing the submerged bodies. He looks upset, too. Suddenly, there’s an image of the pilot’s body. Frank immediately calls the Oceanic hotline demanding to speak to a supervisor. Franks claims the image he is looking at right now is definitely NOT the pilot of Oceanic 815. Why? Because he knew him–and because HE was the one who was supposed to pilot that flight. Wow, that’s a twist. But at least now we are getting an inkling of some kind of cover up.

Cut to the jungle, Frank is making his way through the it, eventually climbing up a small hill and coming face to face with a cow. Right. He shoots off a flare gun, which is seen by Locke et. al. Charlotte says that must one of her team members, so let’s go find him. No one moves. “What’s wrong with you people?,” she asks bewildered. Sawyer kind of wants to go investigate, but Locke says they have to keep moving. “Who are we to argue with taller ghost Walt?,” Sawyer asks. But Charlotte is insistent–and then out of the blue, Ben shoots her. How’d he get a gun? She falls back, and Locke runs up to her. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and gasps for air. “Vest, vest,” she says with difficulty. Locke opens her shirt to find she is wearing a bullet-proof vest. Why she should be wearing that?

It’s Jack and gang who find Frank–and he was able to set the helicopter down safely. There it is, in a clearing below them. Jack, Kate, Juliet and Sayid look at it, smiling, thinking the same thing: Rescue. Um, not so sure about that.

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In the final flashback, we see Naomi meeting with the same man who said he was a lawyer for Oceanic while visiting Hurley in the mental hospital. She has been assigned to lead some kind of covert operation, but she isn’t so sure about the team. Laying out pics of the four we just met on a table, Naomi labels them: “A head case (Dan); a ghost buster (Miles); an anthropologist (Charlotte); and a drunk (Frank).” Naomi doesn’t believe they are the right people for the job, but she’ll go through it. “What if they are survivors,” she asks the man. He assures her there are none. Oh yeah, there’s a major cover up going on.

Back on the island, Miles tries to call someone on his freighter. “Just make sure you don’t mention anything about your sister,” Jack warns. Juliet is tending to a cut on Frank’s head. He asks her her name, and when she tells him, he immediately calls for Miles. “She wasn’t on the plane!,” he yells. Miles gets more agitated. Finally, Jack has had enough. “What are you doing here on the island if you aren’t suppose to rescue us?” Miles shows him a picture of Ben. “We are looking for him, Ben Linus.”

After shooting Charlotte, Sawyer reeeeeally wants to kill Ben, but Locke says he’ll clean up the mess, pointing the gun at Ben’s head. But Ben, ever quick on his feet when he is in a jam, says, “Wait! I have information. I have answers.” Locke immediately asks what the black-smoke monster is. YES! TELL US! Ben says he doesn’t know. Dammit! That pisses Locke off and he’s about to pull the trigger, when Ben shouts out, “She’s Charlotte Lewis.” Charlotte turns and looks at him. Ben then proceeds to rattle off her entire life history. Then Ben says she’s here with three other people–Dan Farraday, Miles Strom, Frank Lapidis–and that these people are a threat. If they kill Ben, they’ll never know how big a threat they really are.

“I know what they want,” Ben concludes. What, you manipulating bastard, what? “They want me.” And how, pray tell, do you know all this, Locke asks? Ben calmly replies, “because I have a man on the boat.” Who IS this guy?

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