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Lost: Season 4, Ep. 7 ‘Ji Yeon’

Guess we find out who the sixth survivor of the Oceanic Six is in this episode.

We open on the freighter, floating ominously at sea. Frank heads down below to the cabin where Desmond and Sayid are still being held against their will. In the hallway outside, a woman named Regina is standing guard. Frank notices the book she’s been reading is upside down and tells her so. She stares at him for awhile and then flips the book around. Doesn’t look to happy.

Frank walks in to a frustrated Sayid and apologizes for bringing them another bad meal. “Something’s wrong with the kitchen,” he says. More sabotage? Perhaps. After some back and forth about getting some answers, Sayid demands to speak to the Captain. Frank shakes his head against the idea and says, “You don’t want to talk to the captain.” Hmmm, why? Later, they’re eating canned beans and hoping the kitchen gets fixed sometime soon, when Desmond notices a folded up note has been slid through the grate at the bottom of their door. It reads: “Don’t trust the Captain.”

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Back on the beach, Jin and Sun are having a moment. Sun is worried about why Desmond and Sayid have been gone for so long, but Jin wants to talk about names for their baby. Sun smiles and says it’s bad luck to name the baby this early, but Jin persists, telling her he wants a girl and he wants that girl to be named Ji Yeon. Sun just wants to get off the island before they name the baby.

Then we are in Sun’s flash forward. She’s walking around what looks to be an apartment, alone. Putting on makeup, she suddenly doubles over in pain. She dials 911 and claims there’s something wrong with her. Pan out, we see she is immensely pregnant. Now if Sun is the sixth survivor, where’s Jin?

Cut to Jin, wearing a suit and tie and dashing through the streets of Korea. He runs into a toy store and sifts through shelves of stuffed animals before asking a clerk for a panda. The clerk pulls the animal off the shelf and Jin pays for it, saying he’s on his way to the maternity ward.

Sun is rushed into the hospital and is quickly examined by a doctor who tells her the baby is in distress. Sun demands they get her husband, Jin, calling out his name several times while she suffers labor. Meanwhile, Jin is trying to hail a taxi outside the toy store when his cell phone rings. He says he’s coming as fast as he can, stuffs the panda in the cab. But the sidewalk is crowded and some guy bashes into Jin, sending his cell phone flying into traffic. As Jin scrambles to retrieve it, the guy climbs into Jin’s cab and drives away–with the panda. Back into the toy store, Jin asks the clerk for another panda. Unfortunately, the last panda is on hold for another customer. Jin lays a wad of cash on the counter and that does the trick. Sun–who is still waiting for Jin to arrive at the hospital–delivers a healthy and normal baby girl.

Back in real time, Jack and Kate wander back into camp. Sun and Jin run over to them and Kate explains what happened: that Charlotte pistol-whipped her unconscious, and Daniel deactivated a poison gas factory. Sun asks if they have ever mentioned rescuing them, and Kate admits they never have. It’s clear, Daniel and Charlotte are on the island for some OTHER purpose. Natch.

Sun confronts Daniel about whether or not they’re actually there to rescue them. Daniel doesn’t say anything for a bit and finally says “It’s not my call.” Jack and Jin, whose English is getting much better, are chatting when Sun stomps over. Jack wants to know if she’s feeling OK. Sun tells him she’s fine, that the morning sickness has finally stopped. After Jack leaves, Sun tells Jin to get packed: They’re heading for Locke’s camp.

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Sun has snuck into Juliet’s tent and is pawing through the medical supplies. Juliet catches her and demands to know what’s going on. Sun tells her she needs more baby vitamins because she’s heading to Locke’s camp. Juliet tells her not to go, that if she does both she and her baby will die. By this point, Sun is hopping mad. She says that Claire’s baby is fine and that she doesn’t trust Juliet and is going anyway.

As Jin and Sun prepare to leave, getting directions from Kate, Juliet shows up, determined to stop them. She tells Jin that he has three weeks to get his wife off the island before she’s a dead woman. Jin ignores Juliet’s dire warning, claiming “where Sun goes, I go.” Leaving her no choice, Juliet plays her trump card: She tells Jin that Sun had an affair with another man before they got to the island. Sun slaps Juliet. Jin runs off and Sun follows, begging him to let her explain. Jin doesn’t want to hear any of it, instead grabs his fishing gear and is about to leave when Bernard walks up and asks if he can tag along on the fishing expedition before realizing he’s intruded on their marriage squabble. Jin tells him to come along anyway and they walk off down the beach.

Out fishing, Bernard talks about marriage while Jin listens. Bernard discloses that Rose has cancer and was dying before they got to the island, but now she’s better. Rose thinks it’s because of the island, but still says they have to leave. This doesn’t make Barnard happy, but Rose won’t bend. She feels Locke is a murderer and it’s morally wrong for them to stay and side with him. Bernard says this is karma—and then explains the concept to Jin. In the next moment, Jin catches a fish and Bernard claims this too is karma, that he caught a fish because they’re “the good guys.”

Back on the freighter, an unidentified crewmember comes to get Sayid and Desmond. The Captain has finally decided to speak to them. They climb onto the main deck, where Desmond notes the helicopter is gone. As they’re puzzling over this, Regina appears on deck. She’s wrapped in heavy chains. On her own accord, she walks over to the edge of the deck and jumps into the ocean. Desmond and Sayid scramble around, screaming that there’s a woman overboard, that they need to dive in and save her. The Captain appears at this moment and tells everyone that the emergency is over. “She’s gone,” he says, “everyone back to your posts.” He then turns to Sayid and Desmond and says “I’m Captain Gault, I suppose you have questions.”

In the ensuing conversation, the Captain discloses that his crew has been suffering from a “hyper case of cabin fever.” He thinks it’s because they’re parked so close to the island and while he’d love to move his boat, it’s not possible. The same saboteur who wrecked the communication equipment has also wrecked the engine. While the crew is working round the clock to fix it, they’re not done yet. Then Gault drops the bomb on Desmond, explaining it’s Charles Widmore’s boat. And the fun is just beginning. Gault then shows Desmond and Sayid a black box recorder, a salvage vessel recovered it from Oceanic Flight 815. Along with the black box, the salvage crew found 324 dead bodies–supposedly all the passengers aboard the flight. Since we know that many of the passengers escaped, Gault points out that someone went to incredible expense to fake the wreckage. And that same someone killed 324 people so all the bodies could be accounted. As the scene ends, he tells them that these dead bodies are just one of the reasons they’re there hunting for Benjamin Linus. Whoa.

The captain apologizes for the locked quarters and has Sayid and Desmond lead down to another cabin. When the guy opens the door, we see a large blood stain covering the wall. Well now, THAT’S inviting. Unidentified crew member isn’t happy about the blood, claims it should have been cleaned up already. He spins around and spots “Kevin Johnson” at the end of the hall, swabbing the decks. The crew member calls Johnson over and tells him to clean up this mess, before introducing him to Sayid and Desmond. But Sayid and Desmond are stunned: It’s Michael, obviously Ben’s spy. Sayid and Desmond play it straight.

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Over on the island, Juliet finds Sun sitting by the side of the ocean. She joins her and apologizes for telling Jin about the affair, but says it was an absolute necessity because Sun is “her patient.” She explains how death will come calling: in three weeks she’ll be nauseous all the time, next comes a shortness of breath followed by a coma from which she’ll never awake. Juliet is emphatic: Sun has to get off the island.

Jin comes back to Sun carrying fish for dinner. She wants to explain, but he tells her it’s unnecessary, that he knows “what kind of man he used to be.” He forgives the affair, and they decide to get off the island together. The scene ends with Sun swearing up and down and sideways that the baby is Jin’s.

Flash forward to the hospital, where Jin finally arrives with the panda. He storms inside and gets to directions from a desk clerk to “the ambassador’s room.” As he approaches the door, we see a security guard posted outside. Suddenly, it’s clear this isn’t Sun’s room. It actually belongs to the ambassador’s wife, who has also given birth. Jin drops off the panda, saying it’s a gift from Mr. Paik (Sun’s gangster overlord of a father). We suddenly realize the show’s conceit: while the Sun scenes are taking place in the future, the Jin scenes are taking place in the past.

Back at Sun’s apartment, Hurley arrives looking dapper in a dark suit and tie. He asks Sun if anyone else is coming. She says no and Hurley says, “we should go see him.” They go to a cemetery, where Sun cries in front of Jin’s grave. She tells “him” that she gave birth to a baby girl and she’s named her “Ji Yeon,” just like he wanted. If you notice the date on the headstone, it’s the same date as the plane crash.

That’s interesting.

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