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‘Lost’ Season 5: Ep. 3 “Jughead”

[IMG:L]Suffice to say, we’ve started out with a HUGE bang from the first two episodes. The island is in some kind of perpetual time loop — and Daniel is going to try and get those still left on the island off before it kills them. Meanwhile, Ben and Jack team up to try to convince the others on the mainland to go back to the island. It’s not going to be easy.

And now, onto episode three:

9:01: Desmond looking for a doctor … Penny is having a BABY?

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9:03: Oh wait, that was a flashback. It’s three years later, and Desmond is taking Penny and their son back to the U.K. to look for Daniel’s mom. Penny isn’t happy about because she afraid of her father and what he can do. But Des says he’s got to do it to save the rest.

9:05: On the island: Daniel, Charlotte and Miles are captured by another group of military peeps, similar to the ones that tried to capture Sawyer and Juliet in the last episode (who were then consequently saved by Locke). Are they Dharma? I don’t think so.

9:14: The island must be in the past? These new peeps are Others but with military uniforms. They take Daniel, Char and Miles to another Others camp — and Richard is there, of course. He says the camp was set up by an American military force that came a few months ago. They wouldn’t cooperate and Richard had to have them all killed. He asks Daniel what his name is, and Daniel balks. “Well, then, are you here for your bomb?,” Richard asks.

9:19: Des at Oxford. There is apparently no record of any Faradays ever being at Oxford, which is confusing. He decides to go to the room he remembers talking to Daniel in that weird time loop he was in from last season. The constant, remember Desmond is Daniel’s constant. Some guy there catches Desmond and tells him the Oxford folks are trying to cover up what Daniel did to “that girl” with his weird time experiments.

9:25: Sawyer, Juliet and Locke have taken two of the Others as prisoners. Juliet hears them speak Latin, so she automatically knows they are Others. She convinces one of the soldiers she knows Richard and that they need to take them to their camp. He agrees, but then the other soldier snaps the agreeable one’s neck and runs off.

9:34: Desmond goes to visit the “girl,” who apparently had a thing with Daniel. Now, she’s a time-travelin’ vegetable. And Des finds out Widmore apparently funded Daniel’s experiments and is keeping this woman alive. Des, get the hell out of there!

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9:36: Locke, Sawyer and Juliet track the one that got away and find Richard’s camp. Locke wants to finish his convo with Richard from the future about getting off the island to save it (although Richard did warn him then he probably wouldn’t know him if he saw Locke again.) Locke goes down, but Sawyer sees one of the Others taking Daniel off into the jungle. He turns to Juliet, “Are you going to stay here in crazy town or help me rescue the geek?”

9:44: Yes, these people are all indeed from the PAST — 50 years in the past. Daniel is checking out the bomb. It’s called “Jughead” and it has a crack in its casing. They have to bury it.

9:47: Desmond confronts Widmore. Stupid, stupid man. Des asks where Daniel’s mother is? Widmore wants to know if Penny is safe, but Des won’t answer until he gets the address of Dan’s mom. She’s in L.A. (we could have told Des that). If they separate Des and Penny again, I’m not going to like it.

9:51: Richard doesn’t know Locke, just like he said he wouldn’t. But Locke says Jacob sent him, and that convinces Richard. One of the Others standing nearby, the same guy who snap the one guy’s neck, can’t believe Richard is going to trust Locke, “Put the gun down, Widmore,” Richard says. Locke looks incredulously at the young man. “Are you Charles Widmore?,” he asks. Yes. Holy crap! Widmore was on the island as a Other way back when??

9:56: Des tries to lie to Penny about Dan’s mom, says she had died. But she calls him out on it. He doesn’t want to pursue it now, he confesses, that his life is with his family now. Penny doesn’t believe he can ever forget what he is supposed to do — and she says she’ll go with him. The son’s name, by the way, is Charlie. I could have guessed that.

9:58: Locke is trying to convince Richard he is from the future. Tells Richard when he is born and where and asks him to go look him up. Remember, that is exactly what Richard does later, when he visits Locke as a young boy in foster care last season. But just as Locke is about to get from Richard a way off the island, the damn flash of light and bang! Time skipped again.

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9:59: Charlotte isn’t going to make this time jump, however — she collapses in Daniel’s arms with a bloody nose. Poor Daniel, another girl he loves ruined by the time-space continuum.

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