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‘Lost’ Season 5: Ep. 7 “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”

9:01: On the island: Cesar, one of the other people on the plane, is rifling through what looks like an abandoned office. It’s a Dharma station. He finds a map — that’s not going to help much, Cesar. Trust us.

9:03: The chick on the plane who was escorting Sayid, named Alana, comes in. She tells Cesar to follow her. They walk to the beach — past the plane which is completely intact and nestled in the thicket. “There’s a man, he was just standing in the water — and he’s wearing a suit,” Alana says.

9:04: It’s Locke, of course. Very much alive.

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9:07: Next morning, Locke’s looking at the main island. Damn, he landed on the wrong one, the one that the Others kept Kate, Sawyer and Jack in cages. But there are canoes on the beach. Alana comes over and introduces herself, says that the pilot and some women took off in one of the canoes in the night — with the passengers list. Alana doesn’t remember John on the plane. Neither does Locke because, of course, he was dead. “I think this suit is what they were going to bury me in … I remember dying.”

9:09: Cut to Locke turning the wheel, Christian wishing him well — and bang! Locke lands in Tunisia, just like Ben did. What’s with Tunisia and the getting-off-the-island landing spot?

9:11: Locke can’t move because of his badly broken leg. Finally, some dudes pick him up in their truck and take him to a makeshift clinic in the desert. They reset his leg. The tall, skinny black guy (the Fringe dude) is there. His name is Matthew.

9:13: Widmore is there, too. Tells Locke he remembers meeting him when he was 17. He eventually became the leader of the Others — until Ben exiled him. How did he know where Locke was? There was a camera at the exit spot from the island. Ahh.

9:14: Locke says he’s here to bring everyone back with him. Widmore knows and wants to help him do it. Locke is very important. “The island needs you, it has for a long time … There’s a war coming, John, and if you’re not back on the island when it happens, the wrong side is going to win.”

9:20: Widmore gives John his identity, Jeremy Bentham, and offers Matthew’s services to escort him to find his friends. So, do we trust Widmore? Is he really the good guy and Ben’s the bad one? I just don’t know.

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9:23: First, Locke finds Sayid in Santo Dominigo. Hell, no, he’s not going. He’s tired of being manipulated by Ben and the likes. “Who’s manipulating you, John?”

9:25: Then, John finds Walt! Walt has been having dreams about John, that he is in a suit, with people all around him who want to hurt him. Locke decides not to pursue Walt. “Boy’s been through enough,” he tells Matthew. Uh-oh, Ben’s there, watching.

9:31: Next: Hurley. He’s in the mental hospital and when Locke shows up, he thinks he’s dead cause, you know, Hurley talks to all the dead people. But John is not dead, and Hurley flips out. He isn’t having any of it either. Man, this is going to be hard.

9:34: Nope, Kate’s not going. But she does make him remember Helen. He wants to find her.

9:37: Helen is dead, unfortunately. At the cemetery, Matthew comforts John and helps him back into the car. But suddenly Matthew is shot and killed outside the car by someone we don’t see (probably Ben). Locke takes off in the car and gets into a bad accident.

9:45: And guess whose hospital he is taken to? Jack’s, of course. “What are you DOING here?” The clashes between Jack and Locke flair up once again, especially after Locke tells Jack his father says hello. That’s what sends Jack off the edge.

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9:49: John feels like he has no choices now, so he writes the note to Jack, stands on a table, puts a noose around his neck — and Ben bursts into the room.

9:51: Yes, Ben killed Matthew because he says he is protecting Locke, as well as everyone else. Speaks on the evils of Widmore, who is the reason he moved the island. Ben pleads for John not to kill himself because he is so important, but Locke doesn’t want to hear it anymore. He thinks he is a failure. “You can’t DIE John, you’ve got too much work to do on the island.” Ben succeeds in talking Locke off the table …

9:53: But then turns around and strangles John with the chord after Locke says they have to go see Eloise Hawkings. Cleaning up after himself and making it look like John succeeded in the first place, Ben says to the hanging Locke, “I’ll miss you John, I really will.” OK, Ben is a bad nut, no question. But I’m beginning to think in this war between Ben and Widmore, there are no good guys.

9:55: Back on the island, Locke finds Cesar in the Dharma office. Cesar asks him what happened on the plane because it looked like there were people on the plane expecting what was happening, especially “this very big man with curly hair” sitting next to him. John is beginning to get the picture, that everyone was onboard, but wants to know if everyone was accounted for. Yes, except those who disappeared — and those who got hurt. “Show me,” John says.

9:59: And sure enough, there’s Ben, lying on a cot, all beaten up and asleep. Cesar asks John if he knows him. “I do. He’s the man who killed me.”

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