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‘Lost’ Season Three Recap: Ep. 4

Knowing there’s just a few episodes left before Lost goes on a big hiatus, show creators are trying to give us some chunks of information. 

Last night’s episode made it clear Sawyer and Kate are being used as pawns in some kind of twisted game of chess. When Sawyer comes up with a plan to escape and outsmart those bastards, Ben is already two steps ahead–and punishes Sawyer for being a bad boy by beating the snot out of him.

Sawyer wakes up from his beating strapped to an operating table. Ben is there and tells Sawyer they have put a pacemaker on his heart, which will cause the organ to “explode” if his heart rate goes over 140 beats per minute. They even give him a watch that monitors his heart rate, so he’ll know when it gets too high. Nice. Ben also warns Sawyer if he tells Kate anything about what’s happened, they’ll put a pacemaker in her as well. Is it for real? Or are they just playing mind games with the master con artist? These are the Others, after all.

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Meanwhile, the Other chick Sun shot on the sailboat is brought back bleeding on a stretcher with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Juliet fetches Jack for help and brings him to an operating room of sorts, leading him–with a burlap sac over head–right by the caged Kate and Sawyer. They see him and scream his name, but the Others blare a siren blaring so Jack can’t hear them. At least now they now know Jack’s still alive.

In the operating room, Jack tries to save the woman, Colleen, but her heart stops and she dies because there’s no defibrillator around. Juliet confesses she’s only a “fertility doctor” and didn’t have the necessary tools to save Colleen. Jack doesn’t really care, and ends up playing a little game of his own, pitting Juliet against Ben after he senses Juliet isn’t all that fond of the Other leader. Just like Ben did when he was locked up at the Lostie’s camp between Locke and Jack, remember?

The most interesting tidbit is when Jack glimpses a set of x-rays on his way into the operating room. He asks Juliet whose x-rays they are, because they show the spinal cord of a 40-year-old male with a massive tumor. “Who am I here to save, Juliet?” She doesn’t answer, of course. Ah, the Jack agenda is revealed–that’s a step in the right direction.

But what about Sawyer and Kate? What the hell do the Others need them for? Maybe it has something to do with the whole fertility thing. The Others were pretty obsessed with Claire and her baby for awhile. And Ben knows how much Sawyer and Kate care for each other. And there’s that little sundress they made Kate wear. It’s a stretch, I know.

Pickett, the boken nose guy who used the shock treatment on Sawyer earlier, goes ballistic when Colleen dies because, if you remember, they had a quasi-romantic moment together. He decides to take it out on Sawyer, beating him to a pulp in front of Kate. In between punches, Pickett screams at Kate, “Do you love him?” until she cries “Yes!” Pickett then runs off, distraught.

Kate figures out she’s tiny enough to squeeze through the bars at the top of her cage, escapes, and tries to break the padlock on Sawyer’s cage with a rock. Still trying to protect her, he tells her to go on without him but she won’t–and climbs back into her cage. At this point, you’d think one of them would realize they are being monitored by the Others since Ben successfully thwarted Sawyer’s escape attempt. But apparently, they do not.

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Ben decides it’s time to let Sawyer in on another little secret. He takes Sawyer on an exhausting uphill hike and tells him the pacemaker thing was just a trick to “con the con man,” as Ben puts it. “You’re good,” he tells Sawyer, “but we’re better.” It’s not suppose to be funny ha-ha. Then Ben shows Saewyer they are actually on another island, adjacent to the main one, so running won’t do any good unless our Lostie crew can also swim like the dickens.

OK, so they are on another island. Big deal. Some of the bigger questions better be answered before the show goes away or they might not keep the same following. I’m just saying.

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